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open quotesExecutives who look comfortable on camera, impart their knowledge in a clear and concise way...Close qoutes

These are the days of instant information. The Internet, television, radio, and newspapers are greedy for news. 
Today, major corporations are being closely monitored by the media.

 Executives find themselves being interviewed and questioned and grilled on a regular basis.

For some, the television or radio interview can be a daunting prospect. But it doesn’t have to be. Professional athletes perform better when they are prepared. It’s the same when it comes to performance in business..

All it takes is practical training.

Executives who look comfortable on camera, impart their knowledge in a clear and concise way, and those who are easy to watch or listen to, can make all the difference in the public’s perceptions.

They know that a media interview is a key opportunity to get the company’s message out in a clear, convincing manner.

That means your company needs to have someone who is informed and self-assured when facing either a camera or microphone.

Open QuotesToday, media training is critical when your company needs to get its message out in a clear, convincing manner.Close Quotes

Jim Van Horne has been in front of both camera and microphone on the national and international stage and is recognized as one of Canada’s most respected broadcasters.

He has developed a style that is comprehensive, clear, and easy to learn. Now, you can learn from the best and discover how to deliver your message with confidence and clarity in just a few short hours.

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